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Our Healthcare Practice


Our healthcare roots run deep and our focus is specific — it’s the hearts and minds of your people.

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Employee engagement

The measures are important, but it’s what you do with the data that matters. As creative partner to the C-Suite, we create experiences and content that bring purpose into the daily work—uniting together your culture, brand and mission.

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compassion fatigue

In addition to an organization’s continuous improvement, individuals must pursue personal and professional growth. We offer coaching, workshops, and digital content that support a life of personal mastery—the one thing within everyone’s control.



To us, leadership is everything. However, many leadership teams are time-starved or just unable to move the hearts and minds of their employees. From adaptive leadership training to coaching leaders, we support the pivotal transformations of leaders.

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Post-M & A Community Building

The nuts and bolts of healthcare are hard enough, as is gathering an entire workforce to feel a sense of common purpose—especially following M&A activity. Our experiential approach to purpose connects community and inspires people to serve something greater together.

You made a profound difference in the organization. Our collaboration led to a deeper understanding of the value of a common culture, purpose and brand—for employees, patients, consumers, and our communities—and now we are building that common purpose, culture, and brand together.
— Dr. Ken Holmen, CEO CentraCare